Transparency : how leaders create a culture of candor

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They describe how leaders often stymie the flow of information and the structural impediments that keep information from getting where it needs to go. This vital resource is written for any organization—business, government, and nonprofit—that must achieve a culture of candor, truth, and transparency. Quite good! Kennedy School of Government. In this brief and timely audiobook, best-selling authors and experts in their field look at what conspires against "a culture of candor" in organizations for disastrous results and suggest ways that leaders can achieve healthy honesty and openness.

In three separate essays the authors explore the lightening rod concept of "transparency" which has fast become the buzzword not only in business and corporate settings but in government and the social sector. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Export option. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to listen online or offline wherever you are. Laptops and Computers You can listen to audiobooks purchased on Google Play using your computer's web browser. More by Daniel Goleman. See more.

Emotional Intelligence: What Makes a Leader? Daniel Goleman. Emotional Intelligence - What Makes a Leader?

Openness should be encouraged

Goleman was the first to identify emotional intelligence as a critical factor in leadership performance and success. He wrote about this succinctly in his best selling book, Emotional Intelligence. His Harvard Business Review HBR article is the first identifying and analyzing specifically how emotional intelligence is a critical factor in management success and CEO performance. This audio book provides a core summary of his best seller, as well as focusing on his insights about the importance of a keen emotional intelligence for management and CEO performance.

Goleman identifies and discusses in details the five critical components of emotional intelligence ei : self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Goleman analyzes how executives with strong ei skills make the best managers and CEOs. Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. Similar audiobooks. Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis.

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How to Create a Culture of Candor

Bill George. One of the country's most trusted leaders offers time-tested and real world advice for leading in economic hard times From business giant Bill George, the acclaimed author of Wall Street Journal's bestseller True North, comes the just-in-time guide for anyone in a leadership position facing today's unprecedented economic challenges. The former CEO of Medtronic draws from his own in-the-trenches experience and lessons from leaders representing an array of companies who have weathered tough economic storms. With straight talk and clear directions, George shows leaders specifically what they must do to become strong leaders and survive any crisis.

Seven Lesson for Leading in Crisis is a survival kit for anyone in a leadership position. Warren Bennis. For many years, Warren Bennis has persuasively argued that leaders are not born-they are made. And for countless readers, On Becoming a Leader has served as a beacon of insight, delving into the qualities that define leadership, the people who exemplify it, and the strategies that anyone can apply to achieve it.

In a world increasingly defined by turbulence and uncertainty, the call to leadership is more urgent than ever. Featuring a provocative new epilogue on the challenges and opportunities facing leaders today, this new edition will inspire the next generation and guide us into the future.

Daniel Goleman, Ph. Dave Logan. How did an engineer turned CEO transform his New Zealand steelmaking company around in one year and become a leader in the industry? Designate a "Yoda. One of the techniques he suggests to encourage candor is to designate a "Yoda.

Their job is to notice and speak up when something is being left unsaid, and to call out someone when their criticism is nonconstructive or disrespectful. Educate people on how to receive unsettling news. If a culture of candor is to succeed, all managers and other supervisory staff must abandon a "shoot the messenger" mentality. It's not easy to hear negative feedback. You need to educate your people on how to handle an employee who candidly delivers bad news, even if it's about the manager's own department. The companies we see that have such policies emphasize the importance of respectful communication by either party.

This is especially crucial if you have leaders who have narcissistic personalities. These are people whose arrogance leads them to believe they know best and they refuse to listen to anything negative. Be open to a diversity of information sources.

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Leaders often have a tendency to rely on information from a few select employees. Those who have "the boss's ear" might have personal agendas, and you might end up with biased information.

Transparency and Leaders Will to Create a Culture of Candor

Contrasting opinions will help you see the different facets of important issues that you may have otherwise missed. Make sure you and your managers stay open to a number of sources of information from every corner of the company. For example, those closest to the customer, regardless of their level in the company, can provide valuable information to help you improve your products and services because they're getting feedback directly from the end users. Reward contrarians. In A Culture of Candor , authors James O'Toole and Warren Bennis provide eight recommendations for establishing transparency, one of which is rewarding contrarians—the brave individuals who point out imperial nakedness.

Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor

Value these people who challenge your assumptions and show you where you might be wrong. This needs to start with getting the right people on board. Institute a process for sharing lessons. Use the company intranet, monthly meetings or whatever other appropriate means you can to encourage employees from all areas to share "lessons learned.

Give people one simple guideline: No finger pointing allowed—simply share what happened and what was learned.

Creating a Culture of Candor: How Open Communication Leads to a Happier, More Productive Workplace

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C12 Video Case Study: A Culture of Candor

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