The Meanings of Rights: The Philosophy and Social Theory of Human Rights

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It also examines understandings of human rights from a range of cultural and religious perspectives as well as other contemporary rights issues. Developing an awareness of contemporary issues in human rights is important in professions such as education, health, law, social work and development work, both in the public and private sector.

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You can also benefit from human rights knowledge in a voluntary capacity, advocating social justice, peace or building a sustainable future. This course is part of the Human Rights MicroMasters program. If you take the verified certificate pathway for the three human rights courses you will qualify for the MicroMasters credential. The MicroMasters credential is an achievement in itself, but if you want to study further, you can use it towards studying a Master of Human Rights at Curtin.

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I liked the fact that it addressed so many subject that are normally considered 'fringe', I feel the course opened my curiosity on so many subjects that I had previously not thought much on despite working within a field of human rights law. It was at par with any Masters course and that is commendable. All Rights Reserved. OSO version 0. University Press Scholarship Online.

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The rule of law

Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Find in Worldcat. In postmodern societies 'I want X' or 'X should be given to me' has become synonymous with 'I have a right to X'.

This linguistic inflation weakens the association of rights with significant human goods.

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The right to choose our childrens' school or our mobile phone is presented as important as the right to be free of torture or to have food on the table. But when every desire can be turned into a legal right nothing retains the dignity of right. There is more.

Rights talk has become an easy and simple way of describing complex historical, social and political situations, a type of "cognitive mapping" particularly useful for media coverage. Take the miners' strike , so much in the news recently. When presented as a conflict between the right to strike and the right to work as is often the case , a complicated set of relations, histories, traditions and communities is reduced to a simple calculus of right versus right, one of which must be wrong.

Rights theory

This translation hinders both understanding and resolution. As the scope of rights increases their inherent absolutism makes the antagonists intransigent. Finally, human rights have become the last universal ideology globally.

General considerations

It unites the North and the South, globalising imperialists and anti-globalisation protesters, first world liberals and third world revolutionaries. Human rights are used as a symbol or synonym for liberalism, capitalism or individualism by some and for development, social justice or peace by others. In the South, rights are seen as primarily collective rather than individual, social and economic rather than civil, associated with social justice rather than liberty.

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  • Does the victory, universality and ubiquity of rights indicate that they transcend conflicts of interests and the clash of ideas? Have rights become a common horizon uniting Cardiff and Kabul, London and Lahore? It is a comforting idea, daily denied in news bulletins.

    If there is something perpetual about our world, it is the increasing wealth gap between the metropolitan lands and the rest, the yawning chasm in income and chances between the rich and the poor, the ever new and strictly policed walls that divide the comfortable middle classes from the 'underclass' of immigrants, refugees and undesirables. If anything, our world looks increasingly more hostile and dangerous, and the administration of justified or imagined fear has become a major and common tool of governments.

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    Human rights introduce morality into law and offer limited legal enforcement to moral claims. But as morality is not one and the law is not a simple exercise in reasoning, moral conflict enters the legal archive and legal strictures regiment moral responsibility. Jami's story reminds us what the purpose of human rights is. His sad soliloquy attests to the fact that human rights have only paradoxes to offer.

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    The rule of law Let me start with legal rights, the part that really counts in power's treatment of people. Moral prescriptions Second, whether recognised or not by law, human rights are moral claims. Identity politics Rights have also become the main tool of identity politics. Topics Human rights liberty central. Immigration and asylum UK civil liberties.

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