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Expecting one application to solve all of your productivity issues is bound to lead to disappointment and increase your frustration more than your productivity. Instead, isolate specific aspects of your life you'd like to be more productive with. Maybe you'd like to edit your writing more quickly or make billing easier; look for software that helps with those tasks specifically. Though it's important to find the right amount of technology for meeting your productivity needs, be careful not to take it too far.

It can be tempting to go after every possible app in an attempt to maximize your productivity in all aspects of your life, but the result is often the opposite. Trying to maintain too much tech leads to a lot of drag -- time spent managing tech that's supposed to be saving you time.

New Inventions

To prevent this from happening, focus on the few aspects of your life which have the most potential for improvement and tackle those areas before moving on to others. Focusing in on just a few applications at a time prevents things from getting too out of hand. Being overwhelmed can lead to you dropping your productivity tech altogether -- clearly not the point.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this goes for productivity as well. Maximizing your own personal productivity is great, but it can be difficult to really get ahead without some of the people around you adopting some of the same habits. Think about the productivity tech you use that's not singularly focused, such as smart calendars or project management software. If you and your co-workers all had access to each other's schedules, setting up meetings would be a breeze. Sharing your calendar with your spouse, business partners or important colleagues -- like your attorney or accountant -- can also make your life easier.

Tip 1: Forget All Your Passwords

The progress of virtual reality VR promises that will become ever-more immersive , while implantable chips will bring technology into our very bodies. But will developers ever want to? He explained that the standard rule for technology based on engagement is to test different features, such as color choice or the amount of notifications that an app delivers, and choose the feature that encourages the most engagement.

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Followers of this oath would favor features that are perhaps slightly less engaging, but more consumer-friendly. This may be particularly necessary when it comes to VR games and programs, where it could become easy for users to lose themselves within another world. For other uses of VR, such as gaming, Alter added that the best thing VR designers could do would be to build in natural breaks to the game, like chapter breaks in a book or between television episodes.

Whether this is true or not, there are also few incentives for product developers to ditch a system that makes them money — namely, one that monetizes the amount of time you spend on a site or game, through advertising or otherwise.

A company like Apple which told The New York Times that they are developing features to reduce device addiction can afford to design more consumer-friendly phones, since their primary source of income is initial hardware purchase. The article then explains how to get started programming the Arduino. This is a strange mix as the best way to learn how to use an Arduino is to start with a ready-made unit.

33 Ways to Use Technology In Your Small Business

On the other hand to discover that the hardware of the Arduino platform isn't particularly special is a good lesson to learn - the two lessons don't really go together, however. The next project is a balance board controller and it shows how to use an accelerometer. The main project section isn't Arduino dominated and the first is a low cost heli-rocket.

If you have ever played with model rockets they are great fun.

The next big project is the secret-knock gumball machine that uses an Arduino to decode a knock and dispense a sweet using a actuator. This is a complicated device and would make a good teaching project.

Make : technology on your time

The final big project is a sous vide cooker. Sous vide cooks using vacuum and low temperature to produce results that are quite unlike anything else. This uses an off-the-shelf temperature controller and you can't help but wonder why it doesn't use an Arduino like the yogurt maker.