Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones, Book 3)

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After being celibate for four years, Bridget is encouraged by friends to get back in the dating game. Click here to see the rest of this review. She soon discovers that dating gets trickier with age, especially if you are hooking up with a much younger man. Roxster is his name and it's difficult trying to have a fun, carefree relationship with him when Bridget is dealing with trying to rid her children of lice, get along with other school moms, avoid the annoying school teacher Mr Wallaker who always seems to show up at the worst times, and attempt to return to the professional world of screenwriting.

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Added to this, the single world has more complications since the last time she was in it, especially with the arrival of social media. The book then travels back in time to four years after Mark died, when Bridget's friends, Talitha, Tom and Jude, took her out for drinks and decided she had to start dating again.

Bridget realizes that the unpredictability of children is not a good situation in which to bring a hot date, but her friends take her to The Stronghold in spite of her objections. At this club they encourage her to meet a man. She returns home to where Daniel Cleaver her ex-boss and emotionally-unavailable ex-boyfriend has been babysitting her children and has a second opportunity that night to feel like a sexy thirty-something singleton - but she rejects his sexual advances.

Mad about the boy : Bridget Jones Series, Book 3

However, she can't seem to get Leatherjacketman out of her mind and texts him after being encouraged to do so by Talitha. They go out on a date.

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Talking about who she would like to see play the title role at the theatre, she said: "I don't know, I think in a musical it is a bit different from a movie because it's more spontaneous and temporary, so I think there are lots of people who could be great in it and I think it would be a really fun night out. SG The third film about the singleton, Bridget Jones's Baby, followed a completely different storyline. I think it would make a lovely film Helen Fielding.

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Helen Fielding Interview - Bridget Jones: Mad about The Boy

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