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Since your Centurions also don't get a chapter tactic seeing as they have an omniscope already , consider taking something with more dakka, like Aggressors. Lieutenant aura for a select squad, but you do save 60pts. Doesn't affect non-Templar Psykers in allied detachments. Chapter Tactics - Righteous Zeal: Units with this tactic can re-roll failed charge rolls, either one or both dice. Imperial 'Ere We Go! Simple yet effective, this and Shock Attack are your incentives for melee. With an individual And you have a ton such units: Anything Jump Pack , Reivers, Terminators ; Cataphractii's transport issue is all but solved!

Even melee Dreadnoughts will improve, as it makes charges vastly more reliable. But MSU everything : one of two 5-man units making the charge is better than 10 dudes standing around doing nothing. It also doubles the grenades they can use especially Reiver Shock Grenades , and the unit left behind can prevent any characters that didn't make the charge from being sniped when the others do get into melee.

Ofc it's not restricted to a melee drop: a Rhino rush works too, and the Assault Doctrine doesn't work until turn 3. Just doing the math so you don't need to cogitate it mid-charge. Eh, it's ok. You certainly don't want your warlord to leave his squad unsupported when they get charged, but you should be the one who charges anyway. Relics The Crusader's Helm : Increase the range of any abilities on his datasheet by 3". An extended aura range will help buff multiple units at once, which works nicely with Crusader spam.

Named characters still can't take this detachment's warlord trait, though. You can use it on Company Veterans on Bikes, since they too have the Company veterans keyword, same as the Captain on Bike Even more so than before, as in CA they retained their old price while everything else got a discount. Melee only, not only does it protect the unit from damage, but it also allows Company Vets to tank a wound that the Captain already tried to save, suffer a mortal wound and then save it.

All models in the unit get an extra attack and may reroll failed wound rolls. Each time your warlord rolls an unmodified 6 to hit in the fight phase, the attack inflicts 2 hits instead of 1. Come my foes, get closer. I shall teach you to fear the Emperor! You can add the Teeth of Terra to get more attacks, and swap the hammer for a Relic Blade to combine it with Grimaldus and unleash a hurricane of attacks. Once per battle, in your Shooting phase you can choose for the bearer to throw the Holy Orb instead of making a normal shooting attack.

If you do so, pick a visible enemy unit within 6" of the bearer and roll a D6 for every 10 models in that unit rounding up. Special Rules [ edit ] Chapter Tactics - Shadow Masters: Your units get the benefit of cover if they're being shot beyond 12". If they're not vehicles and happen to already be in actual cover, enemies must also subtract 1 from their hit rolls. Of help to long-range attackers of all types, from Scout Snipers to ranged Dreads. One of the best chapter tactics available, as is basically good on everything , from units that can pick off opponents from afar to melee units that need to cover long distances to reach their intended targets, preventing them from being shot up quite as badly.

Looks like Salamanders won't have a monopoly on infantry that can ignore AP Unlike most doctrines, this isn't restricting you to any particular method of fighting, so your Intercessors can benefit from it just as much as your Reivers, though the latter won't get that AP bump to their knives. This rule is an absolute nightmare for opponents running large, monstrous characters. Knights with relics, Greater Daemons, Hive Tyrants, Mortarion, and Magnus were already fire magnets, and this makes the situation far worse for them.

Warlord Traits Shadowmaster : The enemy can't fire overwatch against your warlord, enabling him to make the charge first, selflessly and safely screening his retinue from overwatch. Works on any kind of warlord Master of Ambush: At the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn begins, remove your warlord and 1 infantry unit and place them anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" away from the enemies deployment zone.

Swift and Deadly : Friendly Raven Guard units withink 6" of the warlord can be chosen to charge even if they advanced. Master of Vigilance : When resolving an attack made by a melee weapon by this warlord, an unmodified hit roll of 6 inflicts a mortal wound in addition to any other damage. Feigned Flight : When this warlord falls back, they can move across models and terrain as if they weren't there. In addition the warlord may shoot and charge in a turn that they fell back.

Echo of the Ravenspire : Once per battle, at the end of your movement phase, the warlord can vanish into the gloom if they are more than 6" away from any other models. When it does, remove it from the battlefield and set up the warlord again at the end of your next movement phase anywhere on the table that is more than 9" away from enemy models. In addition, an unmodified hit roll against them of 1, 2, or 3 always fails i. The Raven Skull of Korvaad : Once per turn, you can re-roll a hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll. In addition, if the model carrying this relic is destroyed by an enemy unit, you can add 1 to the hit rolls of any Raven Guard unit targeting that enemy unit for the rest of the game.

Raven's Fury : Jump Pack model only. Can charge even after advancing, and re-rolls failed charge rolls. While its extra speed might be ignored so your other Jump Infantry can keep up, and Champions don't have access to them, it is of great help to a Silent Stalker RG Warlord to get that charge. Ex Tenebris : Replaces a mastercrafted bolt stalker rifle, mastercrafted occulis bolt carbine, or mastercrafted instigator bolt carbine. Replaces the profile with 36" Assault 3 S4 AP-2 D2, it can target enemy characters even if they are not the closest, and it adds 1 to its hit rolls and ignores cover.

Against an enemy character, the damage improves to 3. Silentus Pistol: Models with a bolt pistol or heavy bolt pistol only, replaces it for a pistol 2 strength 5 ap-2 damage 2. It can target a character even without it being the closest and can add 1 to the hit roll. Korvidari Bolts: Select one bolter weapon from Codex Space Marines that model is equipped with, when that model is chosen to shoot you can fire a Korvidari bolt.

The model's ranged weapon's range is increased by 6" and can target units that are not visible, but only one attack can be made with the weapon. Shard of Isstvan: Plus 1 attack and when a morale test is taken for a chapter unit within 6", the test is automatically passed. Infiltrators 1 CP : At the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn begins choose an infantry unit and move them. As long as you finish more than 9" from enemy models. Each unit can only be selected for this once per battle. As your turn hasn't begun you can use this multiple times on different units.

Works well with Speeder units like Transports, tanks, and Jump Packs. One Raven Guard Jump Pack unit can charge even if they advanced and adds 1 to the charge rolls. The Raven's Blade 1 CP : Allows you to reroll charge rolls against one enemy unit, but it does not work if you attempt to charge multiple units. There's plenty of utility here, from making a fighting retreat to double-dipping on any charge bonuses you get.

Offense: Compared to other chapters, the Raven Guard have only a few Stratagems that enhance their damage output, and they are either limited to once per turn or very narrow in scope. Lay Low the tyrants 1 CP : use during the melee phase. When they resolve a melee attack against a character that is not a vehicle or a non-vehicle unit with a model that has 4 or more wounds, add 1 to the wound roll.

Avenge the Drop Site Massacre. Ambushing Fire 2 CP : Use at the start of your moving phase if the tactical doctrine is active. Until the end of the next battle round, All Raven Guard units shooting rapid fire and assault weapons in your army improve their AP by 1 on an unmodified wound roll of 6. Can only be used once per battle. Stranglehold 2 CP : Use during the first turn of the game to screw over your opponent's stratagems. You must have Raven Guard Scouts or Phobos units in your army. Only works during the first turn.

See but remain unseen 1 CP : Use this stratagem at the end of your turn. Select one Raven Guard unit that did not make any attacks. Subtract 1 from any hit rolls that target them. Works especially well if you position your units such that your opponent must engage the transport.

For the rest of the game, enemy units are at -1 leadership. Deadly Price 1 CP : Use at the end of your turn to boobytrap an objective. If an enemy unit tries to take it, roll a d6. Can't be used on the same objective more than once per battle. Force their Hand 1 CP : Tactical objective shenanigans. Force your opponent to discard a tactical objective and draw a new one. You need to have a bike or infantry unit on a objective in your opponent's deployment zone to use this. A lot of hoops to jump through to make this work.

No duplicates. Psychic Discipline - Umbramancy [ edit ] As a discipline, Umbramancy focuses on shadows, disruption, and making your solo-operators more deadly. Umbral Form : Warp Charge 5. Enveloping Darkness : Warp Charge 7. One visible enemy unit within 18" cannot fire Overwatch and subtracts one from their hit rolls.

Spectral Blade : Warp Charge 5. Until the start of the next psychic phase, the psyker's strength is equal to their leadership. In addition, they have AP-4 when resolving an attack against a unit with a lower leadership. In most cases, this will make your librarian Strength 9, and you can guarantee the AP bonus by using one of the numerous leadership penalty sources available suddenly, Fear Made Manifest gets better as a warlord trait. Shadowstep : Warp Charge 7. One Raven Guard Character within 18" of your librarian redeploys wherever he wishes while 9" away from the enemy.

The Abyss : Warp Charge 6. Select one visible enemy unit within 18". If any models are destroyed, then the unit suffers a -1 penalty to their leadership for the rest of the turn. The Darkness Within : Warp Charge 6. Select up to 3 enemy units within 18"; roll 1d6 for each unit. If you rolled a 10 or higher on the psychic test, add 1 to the d6 rolls.

His stat-line still reeks of his old Captain status, not to mention his 5 wounds and only 5 attacks including both his lightning claws. He grants fellow Raven Guard models re-rolls to their charge distance, so he pairs very well with any sort of risk engaging CC alpha strike army. With him alongside your forces, you have a very good chance of getting a charge off even when 9 inches away. He can deep strike more than 9 inches first turn.

Keep that in mind when building an alpha-strike CC army, you'll need more than 2 units charging to reliably get a charge off. His CC attacks now do D3 damage and have the same AP as a power sword, rather than normal lightning claws. Overall he's gotten buffed considerably and his rules chapter master, re-roll charge, and improved melee potential makes him a character worth investing in, and all of this for just I've even seen entire Raven Guard armies revolve around using Shrike's Winged Deliverance ability, and players do a mass deep strike; as shown above, the more units you choose to charge the more chances you have of making it with at least one squad.

Since your deep strikers need "anchor" units - for every deep striking unit, you need a unit to start the game on the table - you should be in the market for cheap anchors if you're planning this. Currently the cheapest anchor available, period , seems to be Inquisitorial Acolytes 8 points per unit, uses an Elite slot ; within Space Marines, Space Wolf cyberwolves are 15 points each, and Fast Attack; within your own chapter, Forge World Space Marine Tarantulas cost 24 apiece and use a Fast Attack slot.

Unfortunately, since you're not Blood Angels, you can't issue jump packs to some otherwise sweet choices, like Company Veterans. Oh, well. Currently, the best way to field him is to use a backfield IG detachment as a CP battery preferably with a bunch of mortars , infiltrate him and the majority of your Marines using Strike from the Shadows, then use one or two Deep Striking jump pack units to address problem spots later in the game. He now lets you re-roll all hit rolls as per the Chapter Master rules revision.

In addition, he now has 6 wounds and a 14" move. Combine all that with Winged Deliverance, and Shadow Captain Korvydae: This guy was dropped from the game in a FAQ; instead, you're told to use the model to represent a generic Captain. They make decent character assassins, as the sheer speed at which they can close with a target can catch people off guard.

Raptors Lias Issodon : Chapter Master. Lias is the king of Infiltration Fuckery. Surprise, motherfuckers! This means, when he is in cover, he gets a save against every weapon in the game. Yes, including those AP-6 Titan weapons. Plus he has a master-crafted power sword, just in case he needs to run interference to protect your ambushers from small opportunistic chargers.

Storm of Fire is the preferred Warlord Trait, as he'll largely be hanging out with other shooters. Potential ambushers to think about are Devastators, Sternguard, or Company Veterans never waste this ability on units that already have the means to deep strike via cheapish Jump Packs! Remember he can also buff Inceptors and Cataphractii Terminators, as they can deep strike next to him without his rule, and any Primaris units you infiltrate with Strike from the Shadows.

Raptors seem to be gaining in popularity. Using this dude takes caution and practice, but if done right you can route your enemy in spectacular fashion. An unholy, terrifying murder machine whose melee damage went through the roof in this edition. Comes with 2 weapons: Hunger and Slake. Hunger is a chainfist that does a flat 3 damage one better than the normal , and Slake is a lightning claw that does 2 damage while still getting the re-roll to wound. His statline is almost identical to that of a Terminator Captain but Tyberos has 5 attacks instead of 4, 1 more strength due to his buff and 1 less BS.

Tyberos excels at fighting small units composed of models with multiple wounds and HQs due to his damage output. Keep an assault unit of some sort alongside him and together they should destroy any MEQ or TEQ unit with absolute ease. A squad of 5 will put out 11 AP-3 Dmg 3 Strength 10 hits that can cause a maximum of 33 damage and they get to re-roll misses due to Tyberos. That's a potential of 48 damage in a single fight phase between them and Tyberos using Hunger 15 from Tyberos 33 from the hammer unit. If Tyberos is your warlord, you should really be pumping everything you can into his attacks - his hitting power is strong, but his overall volume of attacks quite low by comparison.

Finally, drop the Whirlwind of Rage successor trait and keep a Lieutenant nearby, and watch your sweet little bundle of death chew through an Imperial Knight every turn. Bonus cool points if you play his favourite song while disembarking. Special Rules Chapter Tactics - Forged in Battle: A unit with this tactic can re-roll a single to hit roll and a single wound roll each time it shoots or fights including overwatch.

Your units treat AP-1 attacks as if they were AP0, meaning things like heavy bolters will be a minimal threat. Especially useful to all vehicles, characters , MSU and strong single-shot weapons like Lascannons and Meltas. While it reduces your dependence on Captains and Lieutenants allowing you to focus on the other HQs it also helps them with those 2s, statistically similar to a Chapter Master, which the Salamanders lack unless they spend valuable CP on the Stratagem.

Especially Vulkan He'Stan, who is like a Chapter Master only to melta and a Captain to everything else - now the sergeants of melta squads use can reroll for themselves. AP-1 weaponry is the most efficient AP in the game in terms of availability and potential threat against your infantry. Ignoring it is hugely beneficial to your survival, armoured or otherwise. This also allows Relic blades to strike at S8 like a power fist without the -1 modifier. Be the envy of Nurgle armies everywhere. Yes, you can give it to an Land Raider Excelsior to make them difficult to bring down even with meltas Nope, new codex says no relics on vehicles.

He has the Captain Rites of Battle ability to let you re-roll hits of 1 for Salamanders units within 6", and his Forgefather ability lets all Salamanders models within 6" reroll any failed hits and wounds with flame or melta in the name, and with his own Gauntlet of the Forge note that this affects vehicles and melta-bombs too now, but it doesn't affect the bolter part of combi-weapons.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Space Marines(8E)

Vulkan standing with a 5-man devastator squad, armed with 4 Multi-Meltas and a Combi-Flamer, is extremely productive, both for shooting hordes and high toughness targets. The forgefather rule made him a more support oriented HQ as his melee is mediocre compared to other named characters worth a similar amount of points namely Shrike or Lysander.

Still, take him if you are a Salamanders player because his rules aren't by any means bad - and his model is awesome. As long as he's your warlord, he also hits with a solid S8 thanks to the 8. Proper positioning will allow re-rolls to hit and to wound on both Land Raider Flamestorm Cannons, the Land Raider's Multi-Melta and on all 6 of the flamers that you've definitely taken on your Assault Centurions, all preceding a devastating charge.

The Aggressors will similarly benefit, whether it's from the 4d6 flamer shots they get if they stay still or the 2d6 they unleash as they move into melee range. Captain Pellas Mir'san Forgeworld : He has the statline of a Captain in Terminator Armour, except with a 6" move instead of 5" and without the transport restrictions of being a terminator, but no Teleport Strike dude, he's clearly in Artificer armour, not Terminator.

He comes with a combi-flamer, Cinder Edge functionally identical to a force sword , and Steelsilver, which lets you make an additional attack at S4 AP0 D1 against every model within 1". Those attacks are made after his Cinder Edge attacks are resolved and before you consolidate, so it can be a super chainsword or useless depending on what his regular attacks leave behind. He also gets 2 more attacks when he's within 2" of any enemy Characters.

All this for a few points less than a similarly equipped Terminator Captain. He really wants to be in close combat chopping heads to maximize his usefulness. Probably plays best running with Vanguard or Company Vets kitted for close combat, but he'll likely need a transport to get to where you want him as he has no deep strike options on his own. He's also dead killy up close. His two Dreadfire heavy flamers can put out some serious hurt with S6, AP-2 and 3 damage a pop at 8" range. In close combat, his claws have him swinging 4 times at S16, AP-4, and D6 damage, and if you are locked in with someone during the shooting phase, his Burning Wrath is now a 2D6 shot auto hitting S4 pistol with a 2" range.

On the downsides: In an edition of HQs buffing your other units, he does nothing to improve nearby Salamanders. He can only be your Warlord if there are no other HQ units, so you'll limit yourself to a smaller number of command points if you want to use him to deny your opponent Slay the Warlord. He can't cause any harm until he gets within 8", so you either buy him a transport or have him be a walking 14" threat bubble. This all comes for the hefty price of pts more if you buy a Dreadnought Drop Pod or Stormraven for him to ride in.

The amount of panic he'll cause walking towards your opponent with a few cheap screening units in front of him or even a few Rhinos is well worth the price tag, as is the satisfaction when he finally hits the opponent's gunline and all hell breaks loose.

On a side note if you can get your enemy to charge him on overwatch he is likely to butcher MEQ or even TEQs with his dreadfire flamers Harath Shen Forgeworld : As a Master Apothecary, Harath deploys to the field armed with more than just a Narthecium.

Royal Langkawi- hot and bothered and still hoping for some real breeze

He has the same statline as a normal Apothecary, barring Leadership 9. All of this will set you back 75 Points, as opposed to an Apothecary's 72 Points for the same loadout although it's worth noting that an Apothecary doesn't have access to weapon options. Which means you pay 3 points for his increased medical abilities and the payment of an HQ tax , if you were looking for that. Overall, he's a support Character who can increase the survivability of your Salamanders, but can also do some damage in combat if absolutely necessary; just keep him away from enemy Characters.

Special Rules [ edit ] Chapter Tactics - Lightning Assault: Units with this tactic can charge even if they advanced or fell back. Furthermore, their Bikers don't suffer the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons Attack Bikes or advancing and firing assault weapons Scout Bikes, and a single special gun in a unit of three bikes. Land Speeders and Boltguns still eat dirt. Not talking about infantry's effective 3d6" charge range, no. This is for 12" Rhinos that end up with a This is for turboboosting bikers of Charging after falling back is especially useful to units that proc Mortal Wounds on a charge, like Inceptors and your own Deadly Hunter Warlord and Ironclad Dreadnoughts and Assault Centurions , on top of triggering Shock Assault and guaranteeing your units hit first.

It also allows ranged support to help a unit from afar before it charges back into the fray. Even better when you have a Rhino to absorb overwatch. By letting them re-engage after falling back, Assault Marines and Vanguard Vets no longer sacrifice their melee phase in order to throw a Melta Bomb, and 8E has no restriction on charging disembarked models or units different to those the unit fired at. Combat Doctrine - Devastating Charge: While the Assault Doctrine is active, melee attacks performed by a unit that charged or performed a Heroic Intervention deal 1 more damage. If this triggers, you'll have already activated Shock Assault, so even a simple chainsword will be able to shred most two-wound infantry.

And his Chapter Tactic allows him to charge after falling back, triggering the mortal wound again and again and again. Kor'sarro Khan comes with this. Skulls for the Golden Throne! Master Rider: Biker warlord only. Reroll charges, -1 to be hit if he advanced. Banner of the Eagle: Ancient only. Wrath of the Heavens: Biker model gets a Jump Bike. Movement characteristic becomes 16" and basically can advance as if it had FLY. Unmodified wound rolls of 6s do Damage 4 D5 during the Assault doctrine wtf! Digital weapons: Do an additional attack when the model fights. Yet another source of MW for a Deadly Hunter warlord.

Your infantry can advance and charge, but pistols can't advance and shoot. They can, however, shoot into melee and supplement your already potent assaults. Headtaker's Trophies: -1Ld to enemies within 6" of the bearer. Very spooky with just a mere couple Reivers. Stormwrath's Bolts: Pocket autocannon. You can choose the bolt weapon it's being used on to make only one attack at S7 AP If the target is a monster , it also gains D1d6. Cyber-Eagle Helm: Models in units-within-6" so, units hit Overwatch on 5 and 6. Movement: As befits their reputation for lightning warfare, the White Scars have an impressive number of movement related stratagems.

💎HOT AND BOTHERED W/ LIAM💗 Choices: The Royal Romance Book 3, Chapter 9 (Diamonds)

These revolve around getting your units where you want them to be, whether that means in melee combat, onto an objective, or out of a transport. Wind-swift 2 CP : Select one unit that has just moved, and move it again. Can't advance if it had already advanced, can't shoot, charge or use psychic powers either. Can be useful if you need an aura ability like an Ancient's or Chaplain's right fucking now.

Lightning debarkation 1 CP : A transport that doesn't have the Flyer Battle Role can disembark its cargo after it has already moved, though they cannot charge that turn. Aka pay 1CP to give a transport the Impulsor's rule.

Fierce rivalries 1 CP : Your first charge that phase rolls the best 2 of 3d6. Game on, Blood Angels. Not only can you hit hard and fast, you can also drag nearby squads into the melee. Encirclement 1CP : During deployment, set up a unit outflank instead of on the battlefield.

At the end of one of your movement phases, that unit can arrive within 6" of a battlefield's edge and more than 9" away from enemy models. Offense: These stratagems allow you to hit harder or ignore penalties to your shooting from advancing or falling back Butchered quarry 1 CP : When an enemy falls back from a WS Infantry or Biker unit that isn't within 1" of yet another enemy unit , your squad makes one attack with a melee weapon at the falling back unit. If they yet live, your squad can follow them 3", as long as that move doesn't take them within 1" of another enemy unit.

Born in the saddle 1 CP : A biker can advance and shoot. Feinting withdrawal 1CP : A unit that falls back can still shoot. Chogorian thunderbolts 1 CP : When one of your squads finishes a charge move, for each model in your squad select one enemy unit within 1" of that model. Roll a d6 and inflict 1MW on that unit on a 6. Doesn't say you can't select the same squad many times. The eternal hunt 2CP, Single Use : Use this strat at the start of the movement phase if the Assault doctrine is active.

Until the start of the next battle round, Pistols and melee weapons gain yet -1AP on unmodified wound rolls of 6. Enemies shooting at it get -1 to hit until the start of your next movement phase. Unstoppable -2 to hit Smoke Launcher'd transport. Quarry of the Khan 1 CP : If your WS warlord is on the field when you first generate a Tactical Objective, this strat guarantees your it is Kingslayer, which your warlord is good at.

Your White Scars now autopass morale tests. Remember all relics in your army must be different and handed to different characters. A Reiver with Headtaker's trophies, however, can inflict -2Ld on his own. All warlord traits must be different. Psychic Discipline - Stormspeaker [ edit ] Stormspeaker contains several standout powers that can combo together to spectacular effect.

Blasting gale WC7 : Targets enemy unit with 18". Target cannot advance and rolls one fewer dice for charges. Stacks with Tenebrous Curse, too! This can be a bit tricky to use and requires a good understanding of your opponents move values. Very good for handicapping units that rely on the ability to charge after advancing. Lightning call WC7 : The closest enemy unit within 18" takes d3 mortal wounds. Then roll a dice. Due to the psychic phase happening after the movement phase, it will be rare to get use out of this power in both phases.

See a Problem?

If your opponent tries to fall back, you can hopefully catch them thanks to the bonus from the advance rolls provided the unit isn't shot off the table first This is a very solid power that works well with a wide array of White Scar units thanks to the Chapter Tactic. Great for helping deep striking units make that 9" charge.

Storm-wreathed WC6 : Enemy units cannot fire overwatch. In addition, roll a dice for each model that charged and got within 1" of an enemy. On a 6, it causes a mortal wound. The Mortal Wounds are a nice bonus if they happen, but the real benefit is the ability to turn off overwatch, especially if your are facing auto hitting weapons like flamers.

Spirit of chogoris WC6 Enemy unit has -1 leadership and -1 on hit rolls. This is yet another solid power. Combine with Ride Hard, Ride Fast for an additional -1 to hit penalty. Eye of the Storm WC6 : Roll a d6 for each enemy unit within 12". Add 1 if the enemy has fly. Cannot take a Storm Shield, but his Buckler improves his armour save by 1 against melee weapons. On-foot units with mid-strength weapons like Vanguard Veterans with Power Axes and Lightning Claws assault terminators get the most benefit.

His buff to Str is by Unit, so large units of Assault Marines can carry his buff wide. Their resultant Str 5 is productive. Wide, stringy assault units strung out before multiple enemy units, like three tanks, are great. They charge one of the enemy units and then use their pile in to get within 1" of the other units. On a turn, they charge they can only target the unit they charged. The next turn, those enemy units are locked in melee, and unable to shoot. Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan White Scars : On bikes he naturally pairs with melee high-speed assaulty units.

Jump Pack Assault, Veteran Vanguard. Do note, he can only have a bike if taken from the Index. Yes it is fucking stupid that you need the Index to field the only Bike-Chapter character on an actual bike. Whats the catch? Figure a way to get him to melee. No bike, can't use a drop pod. A Repulsor is expensive and prone to being a fire magnet. Impulsors might work but they can't carry Aggressors, and their meanest occupants are Vet Intercessors and Reivers.

Vanguard Vets, Deep striking terminators, and Bikers can catch up to him, but not vice versa, so you either commit with a Repulsor or you give him glorified tactical as a retinue. Alternate opinion: Vet intercessors have 4 attacks a piece with 5 attacks on a thunder hammer sergeant that can be mastercrafted up to damage 5 in assault doct that can swing twice. The real downside is that he only provides a re-roll 1's bubble that can't be upgraded to a chapter master re-roll all bubble because he is named.

Tactical Objectives [ edit ] Rapid Redeployment : Pick an objective marker more than 18" away from your army if none are available, use the one furthest away. Gain 1 CP if you control it at the end of your turn. Mounted Assault : Score. Feigned Retreat : Score 1 VP if one of your units fell back this turn. The Clean Kill : Pick an enemy unit if possible, it needs to be one that has not lost any wounds yet.

If one of them was the Warlord, you get an extra d3 VP. Inceptors - completely disposable source of mortal wounds. Run a unit of 6 with assault bolters. Bikes: White Scars signature and have a lot of abilities revolving around it. Scouts can fire and advance, while Spacmarines are more durable. Assault Terminators: With the proper support, White Scars have probably the fastest terminators in the game. If that was not enough, you can use Fury of the First to make them hit harder.

Even if your opponent falls back, your terminators can still advance and catch them, making up for one of their traditional weaknesses. This doesn't work with supercharged plasma since that slays models without wounding them except the ones mounted on vehicles - spam those plasma redemtors. Overwatch hits on 5 and 6, regardless of modifiers, and models with a damage table are considered to have double the number of wounds. So not only is Steel Strong, but it's also reliable. And then you add the Shield Eternal Stronger than it first appears, because there is an interaction with units of multiple multi-wound models and weapons that deal more than 1 damage.

After failing your save, you are allowed to roll for each lost wound individually. This is because if you save either one of the lost wounds This improvement is still best on 1-wound model units - the interaction above means it's not as worse on multi-wound as it first appears, and Iron Hands have some kick-ass Primaris units, but the ability is generally more noticeable the fewer wounds the model with it has remaining.

Vehicles also get a noticeable boost from this. Even before you account for the FnP effect, the slower rate of stat loss from damage will keep your tanks and dreads at full effectiveness for much longer than vehicles of other Chapters. The boost's benefit also varies with Wounds, as GW tends to use the same algorithm to build all of your degradation tables. By and large, this reduces the tendency of wounds to be useless - for example, ordinarily going from W13 to W14 is not useful, because the extra wound happens in the middle band of the degradation table, compared to going from W10 to W11, where the extra wound happens in the top band.

Under Iron Hands, both wounds show up on top. The effect is particularly noticeable on W11 and W15, and at its absolute worst when Wounds is a power of 2 - your W16 Land Raiders will get the least benefit from this compared to most other things you can field. Combat Doctrine - Calculated Fury: Whilst the Devastator Doctrine is active, models with this ability do not suffer the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons. In addition, when resolving an attack made with a Heavy weapon by a model with this ability, re-roll hit rolls of 1.

Like Scions of Gulliman, but instead of making Bolter Discipline easier to trigger you'll have heavy weapons that tear through armor saves with minimal difficulty and don't need babysitting. Load up on vehicles and Devastators to spew out all the dakka. Night Dreams. Sandra Chastain.

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A week of fun, sun and relaxation was just what she need. Or the intense sexual week they spent together would change her life so drastically. Plus, she she maybe a poor little rich girl but she wasn't stupid to know what no last names, no getting-to-know-you-better and no strings attached meant. Victoria had to abruptly leave the resort; John and their time behind. She never expected to ever see "Rocket" again. Little did she know Rocket would show up at her door six years later? Semper Fi Investigations has a reputation for getting the job done. Never does he expect to run into the one woman that made him take a hard long look at his life and how he was living.

Victoria had rocked his world for a week years ago, but he never forgot her smile, her smell and the taste of those soft sensual lips. Stunned to see his erotic dreams standing before him; excited beyond belief. Not only does he find the woman that he has longed for the past six years but finds out he is a daddy all in one fell swoop. John's always believed and feared he was a carbon copy of his abusive drunk of a father. But now he has no choice but to surrender his heart and soul to the two people that need him the most. Trying to put a family back together is hard but when you never realized you wanted one in the first place is immeasurable difficult for this Marine.

I have to admit that I read Hot and Bothered within five hours. From the opening of where their controlling father, Ford Evans Hamilton is murdered in his study, to the moment Victoria and John see one another the suspense has you riveted. I found myself biting my nails one moment and giggling the next. Andersen approach of stripping each character raw only to build them back up again was a treat or this reader.

The romance of the story was heightened by the character true grit. Always one step ahead of the other but always seeming to take two steps back to see if the could stay in step. What I liked most was the way each character approached their station in life. And how they each misconstrued what the other really wanted. In the end the reader was rooting for them to figure it out and make a dysfunctional family functional. Happy Reading! Another favorite reread. The side story of Tory's brother--which is continued in the final book of the series--and his interactions with Rocket are terrific.

It does a good job revealing what it's like for a teen on the streets. And Gert is a fabulous character! It was pretty good. The beginning of the story dragged a bit for me. I just wasn't too surprised by the ending. These old romance novels--although anachronistic--are usually so much better written than what I'm seeing today! It's a pleasure to re-read well-written and plotted books like this. Apr 06, stephanie engelby rated it it was amazing.

Hot & Bothered

Cute" crazy story! Fast read! Love it! Actual rating: 3. Mar 05, Danielle Doelle rated it liked it. The runaway teen subplot was what kept me reading. The love story was a bit overdone for me taste Dec 08, Christine rated it liked it. Rocket gets his girls. In spite of the frilly pink cover this book was a bit darker than some of Ms. Andersen's recent works. All centered around a murder plot and the surprise of a lifetime. John Miglioni is a former Marine turned PI and after an explosive affair which results in a child that he never knew he had he is forced back in to the life of his child's mother to help her solve the murder of her father and to prove her brother was NOT the murderer.

Simple enough until presented with proo Rocket gets his girls. Simple enough until presented with proof that he has a child in a walking talking mini-version of himself. Victoria never expected to see Rocket again but she'll take any help she can get and trying to overcome the shock of seeing John and knowing that he now knows he has a child, being afraid he'll make a move to take her daughter away oh and that pesky little murder to solve all mix together to make for a great read.

I will always remember this book for that. This is book 3 of the Marines series by Susan Andersen, the story of Victoria Hamilton, and John "Rocket" Miglionni, and it took me forever to finish this book. I honestly couldn't tell you if the reason why it took so long was because of the book itself for if I kept getting to busy to read it.

I usually don't like books that involve kids sorry not a kid person , they don't pull at my heat strings, mostly I feel they usually bog the story down. But this one wasn't so bad. The HEA was happy and ending and predictable but still its a fun read if not a tad whole lot boring. I will say that I connected more to the brother Jared and his friend Pj than the main characters themselves. I am going to go back and read the first two to see if this one becomes any better in my opinion plus i really hate not to read a whole series and i really hate to start in the middle of one.

A solid four to four and a half stars. This is mostly a light-hearted contemporary, and while the plot is solid and definitely kept my attention, this is primarily about Tori and John figuring out that indeed, they might have had a A solid four to four and a half stars. This is mostly a light-hearted contemporary, and while the plot is solid and definitely kept my attention, this is primarily about Tori and John figuring out that indeed, they might have had a good thing all those years ago.

Andersen also rounds out the story with some strong supporting characters. I especially was delighted to discover that Tori's brother, Jared, features in the next book Nov 19, Michelle Jansen rated it did not like it. I had to make myself finish this book. It took me several weeks to do it. I kept putting it down and reading other books. My husband told me just to pitch it in the recycle bin and not waste any more time on it but I figured that I paid for it so I should at least try to get all the way through it. The plot was good but the writing was terrible and not engaging at all.

I never connected with the characters so I didn't really care about what happened. There were a ton of characters thrown in at th I had to make myself finish this book. There were a ton of characters thrown in at the very end, which did nothing to enhance the story line. I read through it thinking that the author was only introducing those characters so that she could write a sequel.

Dec 23, Diah Didi rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , , , romance , series , own , for-sale , my-very-first-of , reunited , secret-baby. I always love the one-night-stand-resulted-a-baby-without-the-man-knew-any-about-it-and-then-years-later-they-met-and-he-found-out-he's-a-father theme. Well, why I used so many - - -? Because you would find many of it in this novel. And the climax when they found out Ford's killer was a bit flat. Somehow I liked the part of Jared and P. Although I got myself to think, do boys really paid attention to a I always love the one-night-stand-resulted-a-baby-without-the-man-knew-any-about-it-and-then-years-later-they-met-and-he-found-out-he's-a-father theme.

Although I got myself to think, do boys really paid attention to a thirteen year old girl? May 18, July rated it it was amazing Shelves: home-library. Victoria Hamilton and John Hamilton better known as "Rocket" had a wild no strings, no last names vacation fling that resulted in Tori's lovely daughter Esme.

Now six years later John is investigated the murder of Tori's father which Tori's brother has be accused of. Jared Tori's brother has run off and Semper-Fi investigation is here to try and help find Jared when Tori and "Rocket" set eyes on one another they can't believe it. When Tori's daughter comes running into the run. John is angry and Victoria Hamilton and John Hamilton better known as "Rocket" had a wild no strings, no last names vacation fling that resulted in Tori's lovely daughter Esme. John is angry and yells at Tori that she has some explaining to do.

I loved this book. Jun 21, Ari rated it really liked it. I loved it but um excuuuuse me?? What the heck happened with Jared and PJ I would be I loved it but um excuuuuse me?? I would be the happiest person ever At first I thought this was going to be a "fluff" book and in a way it is but it is a bit more intense than that.

There is a mystery of who killed Tori's father and what a twist that turned out to be!

Hot & Bothered (Marine, Book 3) - book for you

Then Tori's fling 6 years ago shows up and what does he discover, he's a father! Good book and the secondary storyline of PJ and Jared Tori's brother and PJ is a girl he meets on the streets in Denver has its own book called Coming Undone and is set about 5 years later. Sep 21, Pam Masters rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , chick-lit , romance. Not a super fantastic read, but I loved the underlying mystery and the fact there was not any clues to directly point to whodunit.

What I didn't really care for was the way the main characters kept dwelling on the fact they were from opposite sides of the tracks. In my opinion that just seemed to drag the story down. Overall not bad, would say it's a good summer read, or one to curl up and ride by the fire with a hot chocolate in the winter.

Mar 31, Linda rated it liked it. I re-read this book so I could read the next one and remember what had happened. This was a good book and I enjoyed it completely. The name and cover does not reflect the storyline at all since it is about Rocker, a former Marine, who had a week with no questions asked with a lovely young lady, Victoria. They both had feelings that went beyond "no questions asked" and after six years they meet again in a professional capacity and had to decide if those feelings were real or not.

Sep 23, Crystal rated it it was ok Recommended to Crystal by: Kate. Shelves: chick-lit. I found myself skipping pieces, especially any of the sex scenes. I mostly read for the subplot--PJ and Jared. I wish there'd been more about them, especially towards the end. Mar 03, Alexis-Morgan Roark rated it liked it. Uh, wow! I liked this book and not just because of the aforementioned appendange No pun intended! Mind in the gutter. Time to end this review. It was a bit slow in parts, but it could be that I was on edge to get to the next "scene.