High performance MySQL: optimization, backups, replication, and more

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User: Password:. Now, real money--sometimes even lives--are riding on it," Schwartz continues.

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And in large-scale applications with hundreds or even thousands of servers, any performance gain is good for everyone: it's good for the pocketbook, good for our energy usage, and good for the environment not only in terms of energy usage--computers are highly toxic to manufacture.

We need to come out of the mindset that it's OK to just throw hardware, power and cooling at computing problems, and get back to more of the punch-card mindset where everyone was concerned about doing things efficiently.

In their preface, the authors state that they were seeking to create the mythical "perfect MySQL book" that none of them had read but kept looking for. Accordingly, they focused not just on the needs of the MySQL application developer but also on the rigorous demands of the MySQL administrator, who needs to keep the system up and running no matter what the programmers or users may throw at the server.

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And most of all, they wanted a book that would help readers improve their skills and build fast reliable systems with MySQL: a book that would answer questions like "How can I set up a cluster of MySQL servers capable of handling millions upon millions of queries and ensure that things keep running even if a couple of the servers die? They'll learn how to design schemas, indexes, queries and advanced MySQL features for maximum performance, and get detailed guidance for tuning the MySQL server, operating system, and hardware to their fullest potential.

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A serial entrepreneur, Peter co-founded his first startup while attending Moscow State University where he majored in Computer Science. He specializes in helping companies fix issues with high-traffic applications dealing with terabytes of data, using hundreds of servers. He speaks frequently at conferences.


High Performance MySQL - Learn to Build Fast, Reliable, Scalable Systems with MySQL

O'Reilly authorized us to post a sample chapter for you to preview. Please enjoy Chapter 8, Optimizing Server Settings.

Video 16 Performance Tuning MySQL Server

This chapter includes the table of contents. O'Reilly has also posted a sample on their website , so you can read two sample chapters.

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Errata are available at the O'Reilly catalog page. One-liner and once-off scripts are not shown here, but generally reusable scripts and queries are, if they're long enough that it's harder to type them than to look them up on this page.

If you'd like a particular sample to be added, please contact us and we'll add it for you. Chapter 2 Page gather. Not only do world-class experts share that expertise, but they have taken the time to update and add chapters with high-quality writing.

High Performance MySQL

While the book has many details on getting high performance from MySQL, the focus of the book is on the process of improvement rather than facts and trivia. The authors are uniquely qualified to write this book, based on their experience, principled approach, focus on efficiency, and commitment to improvement.

By principled approach , I mean that they treat this like a science, first defining problems to be solved and then using reason and measurement to solve those problems. I am most impressed by their focus on efficiency.

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Clients getting billed by the hour want problems solved quickly. So the authors have defined processes and built tools to get things done correctly and efficiently. They describe the processes in this book and publish source code for the tools. Finally, they continue to get better at what they do.