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Further, it develops various extensions of strain gradient continuum elasticity, relativistic gravitation and electromagnetism when the torsion field of the Riemann-Cartan continuum is not equal to zero.

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Lastly, it derives heterogeneous wave propagation equations within twisted and curved manifolds and proposes a relation between electromagnetic potential and torsion tensor. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Mathematics Mathematical Physics. Progress in Mathematical Physics Free Preview. Presents a Lagrangian approach model to formulate various fields of continuum physics Extends the classical theories based on Riemann geometry to Riemann-Cartan geometry Describes non-homogeneous continuum and spacetime with torsion in Einstein-Cartan relativistic gravitation see more benefits.

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There are no observable effects if every state vector in the world is multiplied by a common factor. All matrix elements and expectation values remain unchanged. Only phase differences are observable. Our adding V 0 to the potential energy amounts to changing the total energy of the system, but only energy differences are observable. Consider a particle in a uniform gravitational field.

The gravitational potential energy is m f G , and the classical equation of motion is. The mass term drops out of the equation of motion. In quantum mechanics the mass term no longer drops out. It appears in the combination.

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We have. Does this lead to observable effects? The combination does not appear here.

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The appearance of in the Schroedinger equation does not lead to observable changes in the trajectory of a particle moving under the influence of gravity. However, purely quantum mechanical effects are often observed through interference effects.

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If the neutrons were classical particles, then the time they would spend traveling from point A to point B along path 2 would be greater than the time they would spend traveling along path 1. In the horizontal section their speed would be lower when traveling along path 2 than when traveling along path 1. If a neutron gun were shooting neutrons into the channel at point A at specific times, then we could determine which path a neutron took by measuring its time of flight to point B.

In Quantum Mechanics, the uncertainty principle can prevent us from using time-of-flight techniques to determine the path. We cannot determine the initial position and momentum, or the initial energy and entry time into the channel with arbitrary accuracy.

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The uncertainty in the time of arrival at point B may therefore be larger than the predicted flight-time difference. Consider a steady stream of neutrons passing from A to B. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Carlo Rovelli.

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