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If possible, there must be made room to immerse ourselves meditatively and contemplatively, always. It can be difficult when we find ourselves in a low-astral chaos of loss, envy, anger, hatred, self-pity, inferiority, megalomania, deception, fear, hopelessness and apathy. It is something we all must go through, and now and then fall back into.

And it is the extent of our identification with this chaos, which is the main reason that the great absurdity becomes so monumental, that we can not see an end to it. A human being is born as a multi-dimensional and sensitive creature. When we are born, we carry all the knowledge with which we are later hunting for, provided that we do not just lose interest in i, because we are so totally absorbed by the noise, colors and glitter that surrounds us.

A newborn baby, rests more in his spiritual body than in the physical, still and is thus much more than most adults, in connection with its Heavenly Source. And although any new person has to find his bearings through the senses and the mind, it must never forget its spiritual essence which after completion of life on Earth, leaves the body and travels back through the spiritual planes back to square one, the Heavenly Source, or God. It was like a veil was drawn away, and it was scary. I could not cope being among a lot of people, were sensitive to sound, played truant and sought solitude in the woods around Aarhus or in the many churches of the city, where I could sit in a corner for hours and listen when organists practiced.

Later, I had several out-of-body-experiences. I also remember the moment returning to my body through the crown Center, at the top of the head, hearing a noise which reminded more of the cork being pulled out of a bottle, just as the soul re-united with the mortal frame. If the car e.

Near-death-experiences is another phenomenon which more and more report having undergone. Common to most of these experiences, is that one suddenly find oneself outside the body, it may be, e. Then comes the trip through the white tunnel. Ebooks

This is such a peaceful state, where the experience of unconditional love, is complete. Therefore, the majority does not want to return to the physical life. But often that is rejected, since the person still has something that needs to be done, in life. It makes sense, that such radical experience forever, changes the person who has been exposed to it. Such news ought to give us the opportunity of changing the attitude towards death and the process of dying, in the Western world. According to the ancient scriptures, that process is just as important as is the birth process.

Both processes are consecrations, and are transitions from one reality to another. And as well as we have a midwife to receive us at birth, we should also have Heaven-mothers to send us off, in a way that takes care of this important impact of process on the afterlife. Not many, are aware that a dying person, who may appear to be in a coma, is delirious etc. Actually, hearing, is one of the last senses to be shut down. So one should be tactful, in relation to what is said, close to a dying person. The process of death is, as mentioned, a transitional phase, in which the human being settles its various bodies, the etheric and astral etc.

My own experience is that the use of anesthetics, morphine and the like, should be avoided, as far as possible, as it is suitable that the dying person is as clear as possible, in the transition phase. Sometimes, we have so-called nightmares that just leaves us perplexed, and thus only is the occasion of us forgetting them, as soon as possible, preferably. The dreams are partly stored matter in the subconscious, expressing themes in our lives we have suppressed but which is now coming to the surface, to be seen and recognized, while other dreams may be prophetic.

I think that most people recognize, having dreamed a dream that leaves such a big impression that it colors the following days. It is the big dreams that have something important to tell us. And it may be disastrous for us, if we do not take note of the messages of the dreams. Many diseases occur, precisely for that reason. Therefore, it is a good idea to have paper and pencil or a dictaphone, lying on the bedside table, so that upon waking, on can memorize impressions, immediately.

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Even if, you do not seem to remember the details, then the fact of just recording a color, a sense, may be enough to open up further. Therefore, it is advisable to get hold of one or more symbol dictionaries, or you may join a dream group, where the participants share their dreams, while a teacher interpret the symbols and the different layers. What is Christianity to do with all this?

Maybe nothing. But Jesus or Yeshua has. That, may be seen through the deeds he performed, according to the New Testament and partly through his teachings, which appear when read through the Aramaic glasses. Therefore, it ought to be the supreme task of Christianity and the Church to convey this knowledge to the congregation. All of these questions, Yeshua is answering in the New Testament.

Yeshua himself, lived and worked to help other people. Partly, through cures, healing, metaphysical teaching through parables, miracles, contemplation and prayer. So what are we really waiting for. Although, many may not be members of the established church, anymore then most of us are baptized and confirmed in it, so Yeshua really should not be such a stranger to us, as is the case. He got an insight into the art of healing, prophetic sense, interpretation of dreams and the power of prayer and sound, well, in everything that constitutes The Law of Light.

And that is the one, Yeshua urged us to follow, repeatedly. Yeshua perceived both worlds with the transcended vision. He saw through the veil of the manifested world. He became one with the divine light that flows through everything, but only is visible to those with eyes that are able to see, and ears able to hear. That means by those, who are awakened and therefore always are awake. Light, meaning not only the earthly light, as we know it in our universe, but rather the spirit that pervades everything in cosmos.

It feels as a great privilege, to be allowed to work with these insights, and I am delighted, beyond words, to share them with anyone who feels ready to begin a new chapter, in the spiritual life. For that is what the New Testament keeps: spiritual guidance and answers to the deepest questions of life. Forget about the more or less, large or small, inferiority or megalomania.

Forget the bickering of the personality. Forget about comparing yourself to others. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others grow up in straitened circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances in which we grow up, all must go through trials and tribulations that can not be compared.


Any pain is relative. We have an assignment here. Therefore, it is important that we do not lose sight of this task. We do not have to strive and toil to achieve our goal. We can sing and dance, love and rejoice parallel with meditating, praying, and unfolding our true potential, the compassionate heart, the healing hand, the prophetic vision and life everlasting. No one is insignificant, nothing happens by chance, everything has meaning. We all bear the Law of Light in our hearts.

Never give up! Even when we are in the darkest and deepest valley of life, we need to understand that in any problem, in any disease, in any yoke, lies a divine gift. The art is to find it, to see it, to use it for something constructive and good. Day or night, every minute, yes in every breath throughout life, a human being may unite with the sacred. Throughout life, from morning until night, day in and day out, we are surrounded by signs, helpers and guides. In order to see the signs and receiving the instructions, we must always be alert. This is what a so-called religious or spiritual life is all about.

In fact, we have everything we need, in order to develop our spiritual potential. But it takes patience. And it is only a minority who in possession of such.

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Here is an example in a simple practice: Flnd a quiet place at home or in nature. Light a candle.

Turn your attention inward. Let the thoughts be what they will be, and if any use. Focus on the heart. Feel how it opens up like a lotus flower. In the right moment, you enter into the inner chamber of the heart into the most sacred of the sacred. Our thought, our words and actions have far greater impact than we are realizing. The reason for the ready incorporation of such disparate sources was a similar goal of exploring an individualized and largely non-Christian religiosity.

Main articles: Spiritual but not religious and List of New Age topics. The authors of much of this material make claims that, while not necessarily untrue or fraudulent, are difficult or impossible for the reader to verify. A number of other channeled documents address issues more immediately relevant to the human condition.

The best of these writings are not only coherent and plausible, but eloquently persuasive and sometimes disarmingly moving. New Agers are willing to absorb wisdom teachings wherever they can find them, whether from an Indian guru, a renegade Christian priest, an itinerant Buddhist monk, an experiential psychotherapist or a Native American shaman.

They are eager to explore their own inner potential with a view to becoming part of a broader process of social transformation. Their journey is towards totality of being. By the early twenty-first century See also: List of new-age music artists and List of ambient artists. Writers who have espoused political ideas influenced by New Age perspectives included Mark Satin left and Benjamin Creme right. Indeed, if we were to examine some of the social and political threads that run through the aery fabric of New Age thinking, we would find certain themes that resonate with the necessary conditions for a left version of progressive individualism.

Generally speaking, New Age addresses its adherents as active participants, with a measure of control over their everyday lives. The New Age 'person' is also in many respects an individual whose personal growth is indissociable from the environment; a link fleshed out in a variety of ecotopian stories and romances. So, too, the small-scale imperative of New Age's cooperative communitarianism brings with it a host of potentially critical positions.

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