Feminist Methods in Social Research

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Shelves: feminism , read-excerpts , thesis , I've read bits of this, and it's very exciting. I'm a little weirded out by how exciting it is to me.

Feminist Research Methods

I'm not quite sure what to do with this. I suppose I will have to read the book. But it is very long. I just don't think this can end well. And I think this is the longest review I've written in several years.

feminist methodology

Jun 09, Tamara rated it it was amazing Shelves: doctoral-program , book-challenge. I loved this book. Reinharz works through 11 types of research and provides examples of feminist methods. It offers a survey of how women have worked to have their voices heard in a variety of ways, across a variety of disciplines in the Social Sciences.

Jan 31, Lorette rated it really liked it Shelves: for-school. If you need to read about research methods, this is a surprisingly good read about feminism as an orientation and standpoint that seeks to free those who are oppressed, hear those who are ignored, honor those who are marginalized.

Its good thinking from the beginning of research design to the end, interpretation and reporting. This is loaded with citations and examples and while maybe a bit older now it's really quite a worthy read for those about to embark on their dissertation There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Shulamit Reinharz. Shulamit Reinharz.

Feminist Methodology

Shulamit Reinharz's areas of teaching include group dynamics, history of sociology, social psychology, the relation between Jews, gender and art. Since , she has been deeply engaged in institution building, first as director of the Women's Studies Program at Brandeis, and then as founder of two research institutes housed in a renovated building that she designed.

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It has opened the doors for my students--many who thought research would be terrible are now enthused. The book is clearly written, packed with content and reflects a wealth of knowledge and experience. Making values conscious and self-conscious allows researchers to contribute to scientaific progress within the context of their values. Rigsby, Temple University "Excellent book! Just what we need! The students were equally enthusiastic about it.

Clearly organized and well-documented. Very readable.

Women's Studies 411: Feminist Methodologies

It fulfills the so long needed presentation of a 'methodology' deeply and directly associated to what we are beginning to know as 'feminism' or 'feminist ideology'. A valuable source for many a discipline in the social sciences; sociology, psychology, political science and the humanities Reinharz provides an extensive and scholarly work that will serve to all of us involved in the theory and methods of a new emancipating ideology. It is of use in the usual social science research course as well as in courses where students need to be sensitized to a feminist perspective on social issues.

Danser, Talladega College "Welcome addition to the field, adding a sourcebook for sensitive areas of conducting social research. This volume will inform students on the reasons why research has specific concerns for women in society, as researcher and subject. Schram, Macalester College "Great--a real addition to women's studies and the social sciences. Much needed. Gibbons, St. Louis University "Definitely deserves to be set before students in upper-division feminist theory and research courses and used to supplement standard methods texts in courses for sociology majors.

Reinharz's major themes--the 'situated' nature of all research and the blending of research process and product--are terribly important, and she presents them well. The bibliography is breathtaking.

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This book will help feminists of all stripes to see where they can fit into the research adventure. It would serve equally well in graduate methodology courses and as a supplemental text at the undergraduate level. I love this book.

It demonstrates that a diversity of methods has been of great value to feminist scholarship, it raises important questions about doing research, and it is astonishing in its breadth--the bibliography alone could serve as a catalogue of feminist research over the last two decades.

I recommend it enthusiastically to all students of social research methods, especially those in sociology, anthropology, and psychology"--Stephanie Riger, University of Illinois at Chicago "A major intellectual resource, Feminist Methods in Social Research draws the reader into issues that cross disciplinary, methodological, and national traditions. It stirs the imagination. Essential for anyone involved in any kind of research. PubMed Google Scholar. Kitzinger, C. Introducing and developing Q as a feminist methodology: A study of accounts of lesbianism. Wilkinson Ed. Stony Stratford, UK: Keynes.

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Getting quality in qualitative research: a short introduction to feminist methodology and methods.

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