Bold Ventures: Volume 2 Case Studies of U.S. Innovations in Science Education

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Course Instructor: Cristina Gradl, Endeva. The module explains how to gather relevant data and what to take into account when addressing the target group. A creative revolution is underway around the design of products and services that transform the lives of poor people. But without a clear business model, the bright ideas behind new products and services are unlikely to reach the scale and sustainability needed.

The session will start at 4. This online forum discussion at 3. What pricing and distribution approaches seem to be working in expanding the poor's access to energy? What should governments do to help drive access to energy, including for women and children? A one-week, online celebration of product, service and business model design that transforms the lives of the world's poor. Distribution networks at the BoP are usually very weak and very different from mainstream markets.

The module explains how to effectively and efficiently reach out to the target group, including for payments and after-sales service. What are the key drivers for achieving better health outcomes at the base of the pyramid - is it just a matter of better products, or are the other factors such as better distribution or better community engagement?

How can private sector products and distribution systems better connect with government systems? Join the Design Expo Twitter Jam at 4. Some of the key questions we'll explore are: What are some of big successes and failures in designing for the BoP? What can we learn from these experiences?

What insights are there in how to go about the process of design? What are the factors behind a successful business model? How can different players work together - large companies, social entrepreneurs, government and civil society? Do designers take gender sufficiently into account when designing for the BoP?

What are the next big opportunities? Successful "last mile" distribution is one of the key challenges when marketing products at the base of the pyramid.

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What are the insights and lessons from experience? What are some of key challenges and success factors in rolling out ICT innovations among low-income consumers? Looking ahead, what are some of big opportunties for large scale impact through ICT? What are the some of the key challenges facing innovators when designing products, services and business models for the rural and urban poor? How important is gender in the success or otherwise of some of the marketing and distribution models? How can WASH products, services and business models scale rapidly and yet remain appropriate for the local context in multiple countries; are we constantly going to have to 'reinvent the wheel'?

What are the next big challenges facing the WASH sector? Inclusive businesses require access to adequate sources of finance to support early stages of opportunity identification through later phases of upscaling market solutions. In this block, we provide an overview of financial mechanisms to support inclusive business, including donors and impact investors. Since markets need to be created rather than penetrated, implementation of inclusive business almost always requires collaboration with nontraditional partners, including nongovernmental organizations NGOs , donors, public agencies, foundations and impact investors.

The module introduces these different actors and provides tips for effective cross-sector partnering. Many enterprises are working to solve the huge problem of energy poverty in the developing world by delivering electricity to the 1. Hear the results of research that Ashden and Christian Aid have undertaken into the most effective ways donors, NGOs, investors and others can support such enterprises. This event, from 4 to 6. Business Fights Poverty is an event partner.

Inclusive businesses combine social and commercial returns. In order to be accountable to stakeholders and to manage and improve results over time, measurement is key. The module introduces different approaches to results measurement and explains the basic terminology and steps. Business Fights Poverty is a Supporting Partner. A unique forum for businesses, policy makers, civil society and support institutions to share their knowledge and experience, explore innovative business models and partnerships, and develop solutions to stimulate the growth of social and green entrepreneurship in Africa.

More than representatives will convene in Nairobi and discuss solutions to build an effective ecosystem for social and green enterprises. Business Fights Poverty Members benefit from a special discount at registration. Just contact the SEED team before registration to get a special discount code. To address the vital challenge of partnering capacity, The Partnering Initiative TPI has pioneered a range of training courses and developed a series of guidebooks to support practitioners. The Trust Women Conference, hosted by Thomson Reuters Foundation from November in London, will bring together global corporations, lawyers, and pioneers in the field of women's rights to take action and forge tangible commitments to empower women.

This conference will be the first event in Latin America to convene key actors from private corporations, government agencies, academia and civil society to define the next steps in building a robust ecosystem to support the scaling of social enterprises — an enterprise that deliberately expands access to goods, services, income and employment opportunities for vulnerable populations as part of its core business while seeking profit or return on investment. What keeps people from realising their full potential is lack of choice and opportunity.

It is that choice that gives people freedom, and above all dignity. The evening will include a drinks reception and traditional Indian performances. Event takes place 6.

The event will take place from to UK time. This event marks the launch of a new report which analyses a wide range of business partnerships in Africa to identify key barriers and enablers for achieving sustainable impact at scale, alongside considerations for policy makers and businesses as they address the means of implementation for the SDGs.

For more information, click here. Join the first event in the Series, hosted with Citi Foundation, The Fletcher School at Tufts University, the UK's Department for International Development and the Business Call to Action, to discuss the latest thinking on how to accelerate sustainable and inclusive business and the role of partnership. Registration is open until February 15th To mark Global Partnership Week www.

The report identifies emerging lessons and key strategic questions facing 4e on the journey to scale. Many of these are common to enterprise development programs across regions and industry sectors. Please join us to share your insights, and help spark some new ideas. The events seek to explore how the private, public, and social sectors can partner to create more inclusive ecosystems. Inclusion, Inc. Join us on Tuesday 21 April for this webinar hosted by Care International UK to learn about a recent review of the opportunities and challenges of linking groups to Barclays banks and other financial institutions in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya.

Recent insights from 5 African countries" will also provide the chance to hear from other Charter signatory members Fidelity Bank and Grameen Foundation on their recent experiences of linking groups. RBSA brings together corporate practitioners from Fortune brands working in corporate sustainability, environment, supply chain and communications.

Class 1, Part 2: Economic Growth Theory and the Direct Elements in Innovation

To see the full speaker line-up, agenda, and to download your free event guide, visit here. For more information please Elina Yumasheva on elina. The Shared Value Leadership Summit will gather the world's leading thinkers and doers of shared value to deliver the "how-to" of building a shared value strategy that truly showcases business at its best. Participants will share best strategies and roll up their sleeves to generate new business solutions to social issues, reimagining the role of business in society and the nature of competitive advantage.

This is shared value leadership. The impact of the Ebola outbreak on West Africa has been devastating for families, communities and public health systems already under severe strain. This online discussion will explore how the private sector can best contribute in the wake of a major public health emergency and identify lessons learned for the future. What have we learned from the on-going ebola outbreak about how to successfully mobilise a business response, and where are the business innovations happening? Join Erik Simanis, Head of the Frontier Markets Initiative at Cornell University, and Anna Gerrard, Technical Advisor: market-based and private sector programmes at Sightsavers, to discuss the lessons from Sightsavers' experience in scaling their impact by implementing business ideas.

The Google Hangout will start at Access to energy is routinely cited by large and small businesses as the most significant barrier to their success. Unreliable or inaccessible power also impacts healthcare and education outcomes, which in turn have long-term implications for individuals and societies. Across the developing world, enterprising businesses are innovating with technology, marketing and business models to bring clean, safe energy to millions.

Bold Ventures

What role do social enterprises play? Themed Shared Value for Profitable CSR Practices, leading CSR and sustainability figures will address current and facing complexities in developing frameworks for sustainable practices and the role of creating shared value and impact on business profitability. The event is being held in conjunction with the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards. Partnerships with business are becoming increasingly central to strategies for delivering access to safe, clean water for all.

Radical Pedagogy (2005)

Please join BSR for a morning dialogue am pm GMT in London to explore how the private sector can help build a more inclusive economy through good jobs, access to essential goods and services, and investments for prosperous communities. Companies can expect to take away key lessons in how to drive change through their direct operations and supply chains and as actors in the broader economic environment.

Power is routinely cited by large and small businesses as the most significant barrier to their success, adding huge costs to them and their customers. Poor infrastructure slows foreign direct investment and limits countries in their attempts to diversify their economies away from primary commodity export. Unreliable or inaccessible power has a cost that goes beyond GDP figures and business growth, impacting on healthcare and education outcomes, which in turn have long-term implications for the future prosperity of individuals and societies.

The key role of private investment in driving economic growth and job creation is increasingly emphasised by governments and donors. The Financing for Development Summit, taking place in Addis Ababa in mid-July and aiming to secure the means for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, highlights the key role of private investment.

At the same time, it also emphasises the need for investors to adopt principles and reporting standards for socially and environmentally responsible business, which includes good health and safety, constructive community relations, preventing pollution, protecting workers rights and biodiversity, preventing and fighting corruption, illicit financial flows and tax evasion. Businesses, by harnessing their value chains, can be powerful drivers of social, economic and environmental progress and, consequently, can play a critical role in achieving many of the draft SDGs.

Join this online written discussion to explore how far we have come, and what's next to deepen scale and impact? The SEED Africa Symposium is an international forum for sharing knowledge and experience, establishing partnerships, and developing solutions to stimulate the growth of social and eco-entrepreneurship. Around entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, practitioners and policy makers will examine emerging trends in the green and entrepreneurship space and look into ways of constructing new bridges to amplify the impact of social and eco-enterprises.

Special attention will also be given to the role of eco-entrepreneurship in the Post agenda. Join SEED and its partners for two inspirational days to collaborate towards the promotion of a green and inclusive economy! Photo: Mobile Solar Classroom, Uganda. Some of the most innovative approaches to harnessing business for social impact have come from domestic companies and large corporates working to support domestic companies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Join leaders of prominent inclusive businesses as well as senior representatives from government, bilateral donors, civil society and the United Nations to learn about innovative businesses models, engage in peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, network and establish linkages with other leaders in the field.

The half day-long event will offer opportunities to showcase innovative work, engage in peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, network and establish links with other leaders in the field. With the Sustainable Development Goals now adopted, attention is shifting to how they will be delivered.

There is growing appreciation of the role business can play. The event will take place from 5. Registration will open from 5pm. Innovation and mindset shifts are critical for the systemic change we need to achieve these goals. From 2 to 4 November in Singapore, the 4th Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development will gather more than business leaders, investors, NGOs and policy-makers from around the world to share innovations and agree on practical solutions for climate action and delivering the sustainable development goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals Fund www. The event will provide insights into and potential solutions for the financial and organisational challenges that many social entrepreneurs in East Africa are facing today. The programme focuses on entrepreneurs with interest in social businesses, impact investors and representatives of multinationals, government, financial institutions and non-governmental organisations.

It serves as a platform to share best practices as well as common bottlenecks and challenges. A lineup of thought-provoking and interactive sessions including debates, panel discussions and workshops will create an important forum at which entrepreneurs and investors can arrive at better ways of cooperation and foster greater understanding to achieve common goals and objectives. For more information please visit www. Corporate International Service Learning CISL programmes are becoming a popular and strategic tool for companies looking to build the talent and skills of their workforce while addressing real needs in markets where they do business.

The CISL Impact Benchmark Study, the most robust piece of research of its kind, has just been launched and this is your opportunity to dive deeper into the results. Join this webinar on 19 November 3. With the Sustainable Development Goals Global Goals now adopted, attention is shifting to how they will be delivered.

Leading examples of sustainable business practices exist, but to achieve the Global Goals, such practices will need to move from the cutting edge to the mainstream. This business practitioner workshop is designed to help companies embed the Global Goals into their core business and social investment activities, with an emphasis on enabling action by sharing insights, approaches and practical tools from leading businesses as well as civil society organisations and initiatives. As one of the most advanced countries in the world, the UK still faces many challenges in building a socially mobile and integrated society.

The Unilever Global Development Award supported by Business Fights Poverty identifies those businesses that are demonstrating a positive impact on global development. Learn more about the Awards and how to apply by joining this webinar from 2 to 3pm UK time.

Hear inspirational stories from previous Award winners talking about their award winning programmes and how entering the Awards have helped them in their responsible business journey. The webinar will also provide essential information about the Award, how to enter and tips for making a great Award entry. The State of Linkage Report forthcoming was recently commissioned by Barclays, CARE International, and Plan UK in order to provide, for the first time, a global mapping of linkage activity—the process through which informal savings groups are able to access products and services from formal financial service providers.

The report identifies where linkage is taking place, the organizations that are currently linking to savings groups, and the kind of products and services that are being offered. Join us on February 17 to hear how leading organizations are helping to link significant numbers of savings groups, what they have learned on the journey, and their personal reflections on the state of linkage.

This webinar will illustrate the importance of behavioral science thinking in financial product design and begin to touch on what it means to do systemic product innovation using the behavioral approach.

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As people from around the world start to focus on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs —the new ambitious vision for ending poverty and protecting our planet— they are exploring new ways of engaging and partnering with each other to achieve greater scale and systemic impact. This one-day workshop explores the emerging field of corporate impact venturing, with a focus on inclusive businesses in developing countries.


When corporates take an equity stake in inclusive businesses, they can gain a foothold in growing BOP markets and to tested innovations, while inclusive businesses find partners for scale up. This interactive and action-oriented workshop brings together practitioners to share their own experiences and discuss developing trends in sessions facilitated by select experts and company representatives. Leveraging private investment to achieve the SDGs has become a mantra for aid agencies around the world.

Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. This book presents comprehensive results from case studies of three innovations in mathematics education that have much to offer… Meer. Ebook 71, Describes ways of assessing the validity of programmes designed to support science and maths teaching and of assuring successful outcomes… Meer.

This book, based on detailed studies of eight innovations in mathematics and science education, has many insights to offer on… Meer. Ebook 79, Ebook , Examining the Examinations looks at the required advanced science and mathematics examinations taken by university-bound students… Meer.

This book presents comprehensive results from case studies of five innovations in science education that have much to offer toward… Meer. Senta A. Alle artikelen van Senta A. Filter 15 resultaten. Susan E.

Bold Ventures: Case Studies of U.S. Innovations in Mathematics Education

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