Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing: Third International Conference, 2016

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Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing

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Ramesh Behl. Our Interactive Cocoa Farm Map shows our global scale and visualizes the individual farmers and their communities that are participating in Cocoa Life. The path to community well-being begins by fostering environments that help children and families adopt life-long healthy habits. As the world's largest biscuit producer, we want to give consumers confidence that we make great tasting biscuits in a way that secures the environment for today and tomorrow. We aim to make a positive impact on the farms, communities and environments where our main raw materials are grown.

Chocolate is our passion. But we wouldn't be able to bring you the chocolate you love without our cocoa farmers. Snacking is going green! This partnership helps us advance our sustainability goals by substantially reducing our CO2 emissions and minimizing our environmental impact. The renewable energy purchased is enough to produce around 10 billion Oreo cookies per year with green energy! Building positive impact for people and planet is core to who we are. This is what we mean by SnackingMadeRight — ensuring a better future for our suppliers, farmers, communities and our consumers.

No one should face discrimination or harassment because of who they are or who they love. We have a lot to be proud about at MDLZ, including our commitment to creating a workplace where differences are valued and everyone can be themselves. We hope you are enjoying Pride! Child labor is a consequence of several complex socioeconomic challenges affecting cocoa-growing communities.

Child labor has no place in cocoa which is why we are taking action through our CocoaLife program, where we work tirelessly with our partners to tackle child labor in cocoa-growing communities by addressing its root causes. Exciting news! With this launch we our empowering our consumers with choice. This is SnackingMadeRight for people and planet. We're proud to announce that we are expanding our European sustainable wheat program, Harmony.

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Through our foundation, we've empowered over 1 million children and their families to be healthier by providing nutrition education, promoting active play and providing access to fresh foods. Learn how we're transforming lives of children around the world. It's about pausing to tune in to what you need at that moment, then taking time to tune our distractions so you can eat your snack with intention and attention and to get more enjoyment out of the experience of eating.

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SnackingMadeRight SustainableSnacking. We launched CocoaLife to help build a thriving cocoa supply chain by increasing cocoa productivity and empowering local cocoa farming communities to improve their resilience. We're proud of the milestones we've achieved to bring you sustainable chocolate. Our cocoa farmers play a key part in helping to bring you the chocolate you love. Through our CocoaLife program, we're working with farmers and their families to address the complex issues they face because thriving cocoa communities are essential to providing sustainable chocolate.

Our CEO, Dirk Van de Put, visited cocoa farmers in Ghana to see first-hand how the program contributes to the crucial fight against climate change. Today, we posted our first quarter results. This year, more than 11, eggs were distributed among several partner institutions. This is snacking made right. It's an egg-citing of year! Our brands are in the holiday spirit and are celebrating in various ways around the world. At our Herentals manufacturing plant in Belgium, every year we proudly produce around million of our Milka Easter Eggs!

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TeamMDLZ is committed towards making a positive impact in our global community. Our India business has received a Certificate of Assurance from EY as being carbon positive, water positive and zero waste to landfill. As a company making much-loved consumer products, Mondelez India is taking conscious and impactful measures to give back more than what it takes.

The carbon emissions from our manufacturing plants in India have been balanced out due to carbon sequestration through our cocoa operations. This has been supported by our social forestry programmes and carbon reduction projects in manufacturing.